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For over 20 years NCM List Service Division has been helping organizations reach the most appropriate audience for their products and services. NCM List Services has the most accurate and frequently updated government lists on the market. Our lists are an efficient and cost-effective marketing solution for any business need. Our lists consist of government mailing lists and government email lists.

We have been providing government mailing lists to Canadian businesses since 1990. We have the most accurate and up-to-date Canadian government contacts in the market. Our Government of Canada database has nearly 1 million records. We entered the US market in 1990 and have since built our US database to consist over 2 million records. To view details and pricing information for each of our lists just click the title of the file. If you wish to rent a file for more than one time use, please contact our sales department. To view a sample record of our government information
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We provide more than one way to directly reach your target. With the newly compiled government email lists you can reach your market even more efficiently and cost-effectively. Or you can double your efforts and reach the government via multiple methods.

Our government email lists have a proven record of excellence. In Canada, our success delivery rate is 90-95% and open rate is nearly 20%, while the bounce back rate stays low at 5%.In addition, we provide you with a detailed deliverability report that shows you the success of your campaign through the following statistics: the open rate, click-throughs, link analysis, and total unsubscribes.
Call or email us with further questions about our email lists or email campaign deliverability results.

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